Drivers for Picture in picture using beagle bone black

I want to generate picture in picture (2 videos in same screen) using beagle bone black.
is there suitable drivers available.
Please help


This is an application question, not a kernel driver question. Apart
from any performance issues, there is no reason why you can not run
two copies of whatever application (and Linux has lots) you are going
to display the video.

This is of course assuming you are using Linux and not trying to
do this standalone.


Yes. I want to embed the video from steam1 into video steam 2 (no need to go for HD)
This may required to cut video steam2. This is one idea.

If you know any other idea or other application software then kindlty reply


Drivers /apllication software supporting any other OS is also acceptable.

You need to research generic Linux video applications. There is nothing
special about the BeagleBone in this respect.


Really, with drivers?

So, you options are (assuming you use Linux):

1) With drivers: Rewrite the graphics X server driver so that on the same physical display you can have 2 X servers at the same time.
     If you are a good programmer, you can do that in one year.

Forgetting the drivers:

2) Use ffmpeg to combine the two video streams into one. Google that please,

3) Place the 2 (or n>2) video streams on 2 (or n) different player windows. Arrange the windows as you like. Google that please.

Once again, this has nothing to do with the Beagle Bone (black or not).

Paulo Ferreira

I suggest you to use gstreamer. It’s easy to build a pipeline that does it.
See this:

Good luck