Drop in replacements for DRAM and eMMC modules

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I am working for a company in upstate NY that has incorporated the Beaglebone Black into a product design. I posted here about a month ago regarding the schematics and layout files for the Beaglebone Black (the thread).

Can anyone here can suggest drop-in replacement components for the eMMC (KE4CN2H5A-A58) and the DRAM (D2516EC4BXGGB) modules? The ones listed in the most recent BOM for the BBB are proving to be very difficult to find, and I strongly suspect that at least the eMMC part number is not in production anymore. I checked Kingston’s website, and the part numbers for their eMMC and DRAM lines seem to have completely changed. I would appreciate a pointer on alternative components if anyone here can provide advice on this.

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On the BeagleBone Blue, Kingston's EMMC04G-S100-B08U eMMC was used..

Both Micron and Kingston, EOL eMMC/DRAM so fast. For eMMC, as long as
the package is the same, it's mostly okay. once you start getting in
e-MMC 5.0/5.1 devices, old "3.2.x and 3.8.13" (patched in later 3.8.13
kernels) break.

For memory, same package, most of the parts are just faster variants.
U-Boot does some auto-calibration routines on startup in SPL so you
can get away with a lot..


Its already being done. Special Computing is building NoLogo versions of BeagleBoneBlack with industrial temp rating for commercial use offering 1GB DRAM and 8GB eMMC on-board.


Special Computing also offers a mail-in service to rework an existing BeagleBone and X15 board to newer 1GB DRAM and 8GB eMMC.

You can use any of the Micron replacements on the DRAM, they work fine. They have several different ones, all different speed grades, but any of those speed grades will work.

As to eMMC, same, they just upgraded the controller in the eMMC to 5.1 and it is supported.