Dropbear Ignoring "-w" Disable SSH Root Login on BeagleBone Black

Hey everyone,

I have a BeagleBone Black board and I am trying to disable SSH root login. The board is running the newest Angstrom Linux build, but other than that the rest of the settings are stock.

I created a new user w/ password and added a password to the root user. I am able to SSH into the board through Putty, as either the user or root, but I want to disable being able to login as root.

I updated /etc/init.d/dropbear and added a “-w” to the “DROPBEAR_EXTRA_ARGS=” line, and rebooted, but I could still login as root.

DESC=“Dropbear SSH server”
set -e

I also checked the K10dropbear files in the rc*.d directories and the “-w” was in all 6 files.

I then saw that it says at the top of the file " # Do not configure this file. Edit /etc/default/dropbear instead! ", but the “dropbear” file does not exist in my /etc/default/ folder.
So my next attempt I reverted the file in init.d back to the original and I created a new “dropbear” file in /etc/default and put the following info inside. (which I found from a google search)


#any additional arguments for Dropbear

I then rebooted again and still no luck, I can still login as root through putty. I’m not sure what I am missing here…

Thank you in advanced.


This is obviously a pretty old topic - but there wasn’t an answer, does anyone know what the solution to this is?