Dropped WiFi connections with DISASSOC_LOW_ACK error

I’m running a network of Beaglebones (mostly BBGW) connected to an Eero mesh network. I’m getting consistent problems with several random boards losing their WiFi connections throughout the day. The error is always the same, and they don’t reconnect after the error:

wlan0: disassociated from [MAC address] (Reason: 34=DISASSOC_LOW_ACK)

No other devices on my network are affected by this. Any ideas/suggestions?

Looking at Google… DISASSOC_LOW_ACK - Google Search

It might be a setting in your ap…


As best as I can tell Eero offers no such setting. It does seem to be a problem only with the Beaglebones though. I wonder if there’s a setting in Debian that would help with this, but so far I haven’t found one.

I found the solution. For anyone who has this same issue: upgrading connman solves the problem. A connection dropped with a DISASSOC_LOW_ACK error isn’t reestablished by connman v1.36, but is by v1.41.

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