DSP and kernel linux-omap-2.6.29


I would like to make DSP work with the kernel linux-omap-2.6.29.
I have checked the linux tree and I can't find the dsp branch for this
kernel and the latest. The patches of Hiroshi DOYU that I have found
are for older versions and thus don't work with this kernel.

Felipe's tutorial don't work either since his kernel his the 2.6.28.

Could you tell me how you managed to get DSP working with recent
kernel ?

Marine Ribot

I've been working on this as well, you can find the dsplink, sdma,
lpm_omap3530 modules on the angstrom feeds (aka opkg) and they seem to
However the codec engine (cmemk) is also available on the feeds but
when I tried to use it complained that the versions didn't match it
was looking for 0x2200 and got 0x2300 or something like that... So far
I have yet to get it to work

You could have rebased the patches in my tutorial. Anyway, here is an
updated one:

Anyway, the new branch is here: