DSP Audio Effects

Hello everyone. I'm attempting to do some audio processing using the
DSP core on the Beagle. My background is not in Linux or DSP, but I'm
working on an ambitious project during my final term of school!

I'm hoping someone can provide some tips to help me get going! I have
bitbaked the codec engine, so I have the DSPLink module and the
accompanying TI demos all up and running.

I'm unsure of the best way to write the DSP executable (.out file). I
have CCS and I'm wondering if I can build the DSP side of things using
CCS and just copy the .out file to the beagle? Does anyone know where
I can get a board configuration that would work with the beagle? If I
develop on my Linux desktop would I compile the code similar to the
make of the TI demos included with the DSPLink? I haven't done this
myself yet (oe bitbake did it all for me).

I also need some advice on how to get the audio data from the
microphone, to the DSP, and back to the line out. Would arecord and
aplay be fast enough?