DSP on beagleboard


I am trying to use the DSP of my C4 beagleboard following the
instructions on http://code.google.com/p/opencv-dsp-acceleration/wiki/Instruction_For_Building_Examples.
I walked through steps one to five successfully and I copied the
necessary files from Open Embedded to my Angstrom SD-Card; i.e.,
dsplinkk.ko, lpm_omap3530.ko, cmemk.ko, ./loadmoudles.sh, ./
unloadmoudles.sh, remote_ti_platforms_evm3530_opencv.xv5T,
c6accel_omap3530.x64P, and libopencvdsp.so at appropriate places.

After successfully running ./loadmoudles.sh, I tried ./
remote_ti_platforms_evm3530_opencv.xv5T. Since then, it keeps giving
me the following error:

./remote_ti_platforms_evm3530_opencv.xv5T: symbol lookup error:
./ remote_ti_platforms_evm3530_opencv.xv5T: undefined symbol:

I googled this error but did not manage to find anything. Does anybody
know what I can do about this problem?

Thanks in advance for your help,

am regusting
how to interface beagle board to touch pad
nd about beagle book fle formation
plz send the information

Rajarshi, please see the subject line of the thread before sending
messages. Your messages are often not related to topic at all. Please
stop this non-sense.

Thank you,