DSP plugins for gstreamer-1.0 on BeagleBone Black (Wireless)?

Has anyone successfully used any TI DSP plugins for gstreamer-1.0? I looked for plugins online, but it seems all I can find are plugins for gstreamer-0.10, for example:

These are for 0.10:

The commands are for 0.10 so I assumed the plugin is also for 0.10:

Makefile references 0.10:


README says gstreamer 1.0, but ./configure looks for 0.11:


Actually what I’m trying to do is to encode H.264 video the BeagleBone Black. My camera (Logitech C920) supports H.264 output, but I’m also doing some motion detection in OpenCV so I can’t use the raw encoded stream.

The am335x on the BeagleBone Black does not contain this DSP ip block..


Ahh… thanks for the info.

Do you know of any other hardware accelerated video encoding options available on the BBB? (e.g. ffmpeg codecs or gstreamer plugins which can make use of the GPU). It doesn’t have to be H.264, MPEG4 or some other format could work too.