Dual Ethernet with OSD335x


I am sorry in advance If I am asking too stupid question.
Now I am reading Octavio OSD335x data sheet and I see that it exports GMPC_A[0-10] pins which are used as MII2 pins on AM335x.
The question is the following. Is it possible to redesign Octavio-based BeagleBone Black (such as BeagleBone Black Wireless) to support dual copper Ethernet interfaces? Octavio provides tight packing, and looking at BBB Wireless I see much space left on board. Are there any other obstacles?
That is another question who needs this…

In theory it should be possible. But I would ask the folks at Octavo to what extent they have tested such a configuration on their device.


Don't they read this group?

I have no idea what groups they read, if any at all.