Dual os (1 on eMMC and 1 on sd card)


I currently have an OS flashed on the eMMC from which I can boot whithout any issues. However, I am trying to boot another OS from an sd card but it does not seem to work. I think that the BBB usually uses uboot from the eMMC to boot the sd card. Perhaps the fact that I have debian flashed on eMMC prevents me from booting from sd card?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Well . . .more details are needed. But if you’re wanting to troubleshoot why the board wont boot from the sdcard, you really need to get a serial debug cable.

The beaglebone black will load the first stage bootloader from eMMC first, Then it will try to load either uboot from eMMC or sdcard next. Which way around I do not recall offhand,

Anyway, if you want to “boot” from sdcard first, then press and hold the boot switch at power up, and continue to hold until all 4 USR LEDs light up, then go out. IF that does not work, then there is very likely a problem with your image. Get a USB serial debug cable.