Dual role for BBAI USB-C port?

I have a BBAI, two USB hubs, a USB-C power supply, and a USB 3.0 capable camera.

One hub is a USB-C Multiport Adapter (Tripp-Lite U444-06N-H3U-C) and sits between the power supply and the USB-C port of the BBAI. The other is a powered USB-A hub and is plugged into the USB-A host port of the BBAI.

When the camera is connected to the BBAI through the USB-A hub, everything works as expected but the bandwidth is limited by the USB 2.0 spec. However, if the camera is connected through the USB-C multiport, the software (Kstars) is unable to connect to the camera.

My question is whether or not I should be able to connect to the camera through the USB-C port when I am also using it to power the BBAI?

The USB-C port doesn’t provide power for external devices so the only way to make the camera work is to use a powered hub (which your Tripp-Lite U444-06N-H3U-C doesn’t seem to be) or a splitter cable that allows you to use another source for the 5v (there are many such cables online mostly used for mobile phones).

This hub does, in fact, have a PD (power delivery) port.

More importantly, it is necessary to tell BBAI that you want two-way communication – every boot. Run the shell script