DVI-D interface and touch screen LCD... No, Tslib Module..

Hi guys,

My omap3530 board has a DVI-D interface.. But, i could not see any
display when connected it to a DVI-D monitor..

What has really gone wrong?? Do i need to make some changes to the
kernel or the Angstrom rootfs??

My touch screen LCD doesn't show any display either..
Can anyone give me the whereabouts information regarding the Tslib ?

Thank You

has any one written a driver for Touchscreen ??

some body please help me… i am desperate embedded newbie searching for a torchlight in midst of this darkness … please show me some light and give me a jump start…

Thank You…

You have some sort of serial, JTAG or other access inside except for
the display you're trying to connect?

i have serial port inside…

could you explain me why you have asked me that question?


There's presumably one available for the AI Touch Book: