DVI or HDMI video input

Does anyone know of an add on board that can be used to capture DVI or
HDMI video? I'm toying with the concept of a DIY stereoscopic head
mounted display and being able to do real time processing on a video
stream is desired.

If the beagle board is not for this purpose, does anyone know of any
boards, FPGA or SOC, that can do what I want and cost < $500 USD. I've
seen several video kits from Xilinx, but they all cost $2500.

There currently isn’t one for the BeagleBoard. You could look for a USB one, I assume they exist, but I have never actually looked for one. If you are talking about the -xM version, then it does have a header for a camera that could in theory be used to connect to a board that does what you are locking for. But to my knowledge, no such board exists.

The AM3730 EVM board has a video input to the camera port, but is isn’t DVI-D.


OK, I think I found what I need. Avnet makes an expansion board for
FPGA boards, that can input & output DVI. Luckily, it's compatible
with the SP601 board I already have, thanks to the FMC standard.

"DVI I/O FMC Module"