DVI problem


I have problem with DVI output on my Beagleboard. Everything working
ok, I install Ubuntu, work on them and at once DVI output stoped

Beagleboard booting normally (I see it on serial console), but DVI
output doesnt working.

I try to set default factory boot environment (setenv), but DVI still
doesnt working.

3,3V rails and 1,8V rails to TFP410 are ok.


It is possible that you may have blown out the TFP410 by plugging it in with power applied to the Beagle. What model of display are you using? We have had a few cases where some displays are more particular than others. While a board may not work on one display, it does on others.

When the board boots up do you get the initial display from UBoot to show up? You can also try the factory default kernel at http://code.google.com/p/beagleboard/wiki/BeagleboardRevCValidation


I try the factory default kernel, but initial display from Uboot still
doesnt displayed. I try it with severals DVI computer monitors (ACER,
SAMSUNG, TEAC). Input pins of TFP410 looks good, but output TXD pins
of TFP410 are pernamently at log. 0.

Then I suggest you request an RMA and get the board repaired.