Early stage boot debug messages


'am using the Angstrom 05/03 image on my bbb, and 'am attempting to view all the debug messages emiited prior to display of the login prompt (and the msgs after that too). 'am using the bbb-compatible 4-pin ttl/usb cable from adafruit:


I can access the bbb from Ubuntu 13.04 via gtkterm but can see only the login prompt. What are the settings on the bbb I can use to basically see all the messages, right from start of boot ? The tutorials there don’t go to that detail.

'am presuming ssh access into the bbb is not of use in this early stage, as that presumes the sshd is up and running on the bbb and that is too late into the startup process.


I'm using a cable with the same PL2303 chip and one thing that you
could try is to disable hardware handshaking. As terminal emulator I use
minicom or screen:

screen /dev/ttyUSBx 115200

where 'x' is whatever number your USB-serial interface was assigned.


Thanks, Nuno.

Actually, per instructions, I have it as:

Line: COM4 (per entry for prolific driver in win7-device-manage)
Speed: 115200
Data bits: 8
Stop bits: 1
Parity: None
Flow Control: None

By “hardware handshaking”, I presume you meant “Flow control”. In putty-for-win7, or in gtkterm/ubuntu, I don’t see any other options.