Easy Interface for programming Beaglebone, (Kimat Interface)

For the ones starting with Beaglebone, Kimat Interface has been developed to create projects using C language, making simple the process of implementation and testing.

It integrates an auto-compilation module, compatible with many of the existing C libraries, which will reduce considerably the time required to develop our application. One of the benefits of the auto-compilation is that the user will not need to define the headers in the application, as it is required in standard C codes, because they are already implemented in the Interface itself.

Kimat Interface Specifications

  • 2 x TCP links (possibility of being configured as Master or Server).

  • 1 x S7 link (SIEMENS protocol).

  • 8 x PWM signals.

  • 4 x Analog inputs.

  • 4 x Analog Outputs (MCP4728 D/A converter).

  • 4 x Digital Inputs.

  • 4 x Digital Outputs.

  • Robust derivation (1th and 2nd Order).

  • Time Sync with external hardware.

  • Ordinary Differential Equation Solver ( Simulation module).

For additional information: http://www.kimatsystems.com/