I am not fimiliar with Eclipse and I am trying to get its source code & various tools. It would be great if someone can kindly provide me with some background information or some helpful links on the same. I am concentrating on Performance tools (Monitoring and profiling tools).

The sources for Eclipse are here:

For background, please read: Eclipse Project | The Eclipse Foundation.

Two other sub-projects that may be of interest:
Target Management:
TPTP (Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform):


Didn't I see somewhere a URL for getting Eclipse to talk to a Gumstix? Might
that same procedure be useful here as well?

IIRC, the highlight of their configuration was that it was almost completely
point-and-click. No manual scp'ing, no NFS. Way cool.

Google isn't helping me find that link, however. Hoping that some of the
Gumstix guys who frequent this list (you know who you are :wink: ) might be able to
recall it...



I've never tried this ....


The "Remote System Explorer" that is referred to in the Gusmtix link is part of the DSDP Target Management project - you can download it from . The eclipseCon tutorials listed in the Events panel provide a good introduction to it. It includes a Linux target agent as part of the TCF (Target Comm. Framework).