Editing uEnv.txt

Hello all,

I have been out of the BBB world for a few months, but after loading RCN’s new beaglebone black Ubuntu distro (10/8) I am having difficulties modifying the uEnv.txt file. I can easily open the file in nano, edit the file and save the file, but when I reboot to activate the device tree changes (turning off HDMI, adding UARTs, etc.) none of the changes I made are reflected in the uEnv.txt file. Has the method to load/unload device trees changed?


Jacob Stockton

Verify those changes are actually being enabled..

cat /proc/cmdline


*which* uEnv.txt file are you editing? confusingly, some distros put
a uEnv.txt file in /boot, which is utterly meaningless since the one
used by u-boot is in the FAT partition.


I am editing the uEnv.txt file found in /boot/uboot/.


I am not sure what that file that your referring to is, but this is the output of the cat command:

ubuntu@arm:/boot/uboot$ cat /proc/cmdline console=ttyO0,115200n8 root=UUID=bdf02b76-8d35-4aa7-9cae-bae8e9805f03 ro rootfstype=ext4 rootwait fixrtc ip=

Doesn’t seem very informative, but maybe that’s because I am not using it right?

what i meant was i've seen the situation where there is a uEnv.txt
file under either /boot or /boot/uboot which *misleads* people into
thinking that's the one that should be edited, leading to massive
confusion since that file is (in some cases) utterly worthless.

  in some cases, there is another uEnv.txt file in the *FAT*
partition, and that's the one u-boot is actually reading. you need to
check your u-boot environment to verify which one u-boot is


It looks like your fixup wasn't enabled.. Dump your uEnv.txt to pastebin.com


I am having the same problem. Have you sorted out ?