EHCI port and full speed?


I was wondering if anyone has tried to use the EHCI port in full speed
(12 MB/s) mode.

And before someone peeps up saying that EHCI is high speed and that
EHCI and full speed is conflicting: yes I know, but if I say EHCI port
everyone knows which port I mean.

And for those who say that the port is high speed only: From
spruf96b.pdf section 23.2.1:

The high-speed universal serial bus (USB) host subsystem is composed
of the high-speed multiport USB
host controller and the USBTLL module.
The USB controller is a high-speed multiport USB2.0 host controller.
It contains two independent, 3-port
host controllers that operate in parallel:
· The EHCI controller, based on the Enhanced Host Controller Interface
(EHCI) specification for USB
Release 1.0, is in charge of high-speed traffic (480M bit/s), over the
ULPI/UTMI interface
· The OHCI controller, based on the Open Host Controller Interface
(OHCI) specification for USB
Release 1.0a, is in charge of full-speed/low-speed traffic (12/1.5M
bit/s, respectively), over a serial
Each of the three external ports is owned by exactly one of the
controllers at any time.

So I guess this means that I can also set the port to OHCI mode.

What I am trying to do is to see if a 1.1 device that works with
problems when connected through a hub on the EHCI port will work when
connected directly to the port (and, since the device is 1.1, the port
should be in OHCI mode for that).


PS: pity the other two ports are not made externally available (if
only on a header)