elinux: ubuntu/debian: 2014-06-05 images

I don't normally announce updates on these monthly releases. (maybe
i'll change that)

But there's a "BIG" change to the flasher image. (Special Thanks to
Charles) He helped rewrite it from a normal script that ran at run
time. To one that's ran in single user mode. So the "source" file
system is now completely read only during the flash process. In
theory this should help get us past some of the errors we've been
seeing with the old version. And as a special present, Charles tweaked
the led's so it's now "obvious" when the board is flashing the eMMC.

Just one little issue, the cpu does "halts" but the pmic stays on.
(it's fun trying to reboot/halt in single user mode) So just yank the
power when all 4 LED's are ON.

Give it some testing, I'd like to merge this "flashing" technique to
the beagleboard/debian image in a future update release.