Embedded Linux and Device Driver Training Course in London

Hello All,

May be this is not the right forum but it doesn’t hurt to ask…

Any one knows if there is any good training course near London.

Hemant Kapoor

feabhas.com. disclaimer: i occasionally teach their courses.


Thanks Robert,

I had a look at the course its bit expensive from what I was expecting.

I was hoping if you can help me out with below query:

I am an embedded software programmer for last 10+ years and need to boost my profile for Linux device driver…

I have learned bit of embedded Linux by experimenting with my BBB Board and broadly know how Linux is used to interact with peripherals…

Can you please suggest if I could do the Developing Linux Device Drivers course straightaway.

Hemant Kapoor
PS: Out of curiosity what do you teach there.

Hi Hemant

If your budget is limited, you could try self learning first with Free Electrons’ kernel and drivers course, which materials are completely available on-line, and are run precisely on the BBB board.
You will find the materials on http://free-electrons.com/training/kernel/

Have fun, and greetings to Robert :wink:


Hello Michael,

Thanks for the link, I will definitely give it a go.
In the past, I tried building basic device drivers on my own following some online tutorial and got stuck and that was it for me…

I can see that Free-electrons have a training scheduled by end of March, If it was bit cheaper then would definitely have attended the course to get me going.

Thanks again for the help.

Hemant Kapoor