Embedded Web Severs with MM

You need to get some kind of web page serving up on a Beagle. This should work.


A claim.

OK, botched it there I think, but I actually got MM up working on my BBBW. So I know Mongoose Meerkat WILL work on a stock BBBW. Read the Raspberry Pi thread for some background on how I did it. Its basically a customized simple_web_server.c build from MM’s examples.

OK, I’ve zipped up the files that will work with a BBBW Rev C stock Angstrom distro with the build done manually.


What you do is extract them to your PC. There are 4 files (they are customized for the the currentAngstrom btw), but you can customize it further by changing variables in the httpd.c file. It is set up right now for port 8080 (as the BBB is already using port 80) and you manually mkdir your htdocs directory to the same directory as the httpd.

How you build is from shell script by “chmod 777 mh” and then invoking the “./mh”. It should build clean, and then run the resulting daemon with ./httpd . Connect to your BBB with a browser and for the URL type: (or it might be 8081, check the source in httpd.c) with the BBBW in teathered mode.

The dumbest thing ever is that there is no ftp client in Angstrom, so what you have to do is cut and paste the entire file into pico/nano and save there. This is workable for just 4 short text files.

If you do this exactly, you should have a workable embedded web server in about an hour or two.

Hang onto the source code if it works for you and add it to your bag of tricks. I’ve inspected the code and its real clean.

Don’t want to cut and paste…found a kludge using CURL to ftp across a ZIP file.


Its interestiing…