EMC2 on BBB?

I’m about to start working on getting the CNC sofware EMC2 (http://www.linuxcnc.org/) to run on the BBB. Is anyone else working on this, too?



no not yet, it is on my “todo list” with my copious amount of free time…

i purchased one of the generic cnc units off ebay to test it with…


Cool, we were brainstorming at my hackerpace in Chicago (http://pumpingstationone.org/) last night and we are going to try to get EMC2 working as a group project. We have members that built a Pick and Place gantry and would like to control it with the BBB directly (they had previously been using TinyG connected to a Pi). We were also looking at what HipsterCircuits has done for stepper control with the PRU.

Anyways, just wanted to ping the Beagle community to see if anyone else was similarly interested.


one of the TI sponsored cape contest winners will have his project available through boardzoo.com soon:


this would provide an excellent control system for a pick-n-place…


FYI - The LinixCNC gang is already a long ways down that road.
You can search the developer mail list archives to see what’s been going on:


quite a bit of discussion on the linuxcnc users list as well

There is work to be done on the real time kernel at this point.

I’m interested in this Drew and have been following the efforts to port to the Pi. I currently use EMC2 on a desktop to control my milling machine but would love to get it working on the BBB. Hope to contribute too :slight_smile: