eMMC booting ignores the uEnv.txt with customized Buildroot image


I have created a custom image with Buildroot (Buildroot 2019.02-dirty). Version of kernel is v4.14 (ti-linux), u-boot is 2018.09 (Buildroot repo), I have tried kernel v4.14 BR repo too…

I have made partitions on eMMC (mmcblk1):

I tried to use uEnv.txt content of a similar issue:

bootpart=1:1 devtype=mmc bootdir= bootfile=zImage bootpartition=mmcblk1p2 set_bootargs=setenv bootargs console=ttyO0,115200n8 root=/dev/${bootpartition} rw rootfstype=ext4 rootwait uenvcmd=run set_bootargs;run loadimage;run loadfdt;printenv bootargs;bootz ${loadaddr} - ${fdtaddr}

It has no effect.
Could anybody help me?

"uEnv.txt" is not the default in mainline u-boot..


  1. március 27., szerda 15:05:09 UTC+1 időpontban RobertCNelson a következőt írta:

Now the environment is stored in eMMC, so BBB can read/write it…

  1. március 27., szerda 15:42:01 UTC+1 időpontban droland a következőt írta:

This doesn’t answer the question.