eMMC flasher?

Hi guys,
The new eMMC flasher images look very complicated compared to the old ones… what’s the story on that?

The old one was very simple, just had a few files on it and it was easy to replace the .img.gz with your own and modify the script to use your filename.

I’ve just downloaded the new one and unpacked it to an SD card and it has a full on Linux filesystem there. Where on that filesystem is the image-to-be-flashed being stored, and where can I find the startup/autorun script to modify so I can put my own image on there?

It seems for some reason that the new Beaglebones I’ve received can not work with the old eMMC flasher image I was previously using, while my old ones (still Rev C) don’t have any problem with it…



For what you want, use the ‘usbflasher’ here’s a quick write up:


Note a few changes, it’s generated weekly so you can use last Sunday’s snapshot, the base image is now 4gb, vs 2gb so the ‘expanding’ is no longer required. And the eeprom section was for an OEM, so you can ignore that



That looks pretty sweet, how long has that been around ? Also, I notice you can write to the eeprom there, but is that a requirement ? Or just incase someone needs to flash a custom eeprom ?