eMMC flashing problem

All of a sudden my BBB would not boot up. So I decided to flash the eMMC image. Followed steps from - http://www.elinux.org/Beagleboard:Updating_The_Software

I had no issues following them step by step and got all USRs brighten at the end of process (yes, took around 45~55 min)
But the BBB doesnt boot after flashing. Please help me out, I am not able to figureout the problem.

P.S.- I then downloaded another the image for booting directly from microSD. This process worked for me, but I am not able to connect to internet. I feel there are problems because I am using microSD for booting it.

After you flash the eMMC, make sure you remove the uSD card. Otherwise it will try and flash it again and if you stop that process, will not boot. Also make sure you power cycle the board after the reflashing process.


I removed the microSD card after the flashing process, then I did a reboot. What do you mean by power cycle the board after boot process?

I did turn on and off the power supply twice to reboot the board, but still it doenst boot by itself