eMMC -> no space left on device..


With some BBB’s we have no problem restoring an older angstrom image with dd (Angstrom image uncompressed is 2.1GB) . Image was creating with dd from running system.However, anyone know why even using this script that some fail with “dd: writing ‘/dev/mmcblk1’: No space left on device” . Yes, the image is compressed as well. Is the only option to recreate the image and bring the image down to < 2 GB ? Its just odd that it restores the image on some devices w/out issue. All BBB have been REV C


If you install a 2 GB image, it installs it in a partition appropriate for a 2 GB eMMC.
You may need to expand the size of the partition to get the benefit of the larger memory space.

— Graham

Hi, Thanks…

After some time , the only thing I that I got to work is to delete the existing uEnv.txt on eMMC , reboot and it would then restore the Angstrom image from the uSD card to eMMC…