eMMC pins on P8 question about section 8.1.2 of Rev C.1 reference manual


In the C.1 version of the reference manual, Section 8.1.2 begins with a statement about the 10 eMMC pins connected to pin 8 and listed in Table 16.

Then it says that the proper mode is MODE2.

Yet most of the pins listed in table 16 are given as MODE1.

Table 12 of the same reference manual version lists MODE1 mmmc1 pins as 22-26 and MODE 2 pins as 11-21.

So is table 16 wrong in listing MODE1 pins as conflict pins? After all, the “proper” mode is MODE2 whatever that means.

I would like to use GPIO1[0…5], but can’t really sort out if there is a conflict with the mmmc1 pins since I can’t understand the meaning of the “proper” MODE2 wrt Table 16’s mostly MODE1 pins.

Thank you for your help

I will check into this. In the meantime, check the processor datasheet.



GPIO1_[0-5] show up as mode 1 in the “pins” file.


From the BBB wiki page: