Emulate running Linux on BeagleV Starlight with Renode

FYI - @mgielda writes how to use Renode to emulate Linux running on the BeagleV Starlight system in Renode:


Followed the instructions but had to start renode and do the include @/…/file.resc then start the emu. Just an fyi. It starts up though so this is still a win.

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One small hickup I am looking to solve today is I cant login. Since this is a buildroot, root ( no password ) should work but its failing the login, I have had this before after doing a build for a pandaboard, unless a password has been set ( did not see anything about that in the text ).

From Piotr:

that’s the default for the sdk - root/starfive - not very convenient indeed. I’ll update it to root/root as soon as I get my hands on it

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Hi, I try to rebuild software from opensbi, uboot, Linux, rootfs, and emulate with Renode. Do you have any get starting documents?

This should help to compile:

@pzierhoffer any advice on how to use that in Renode?