Enable SPI interface with LCD 7 CAPE

Hi everyone,

i have been trying since weeks to make work togheter LCD 7 cape and SPI interface but trying to enable SPI1 or SPI0 results in pin conflicts:
i think there are some pins requested by SPI interface that are in exclusive use by LCD drivers.

I wonder if i can write an overlay to assign different pins to SPI interface or alternatively if it is possible to find C code to handle directly SPI interface from user space. (i am using Debian wheezy as linux distribution)
Every suggestions would be really appreciated, i don’t know where to find other information and it seems strange that on the web i couldn’t find a solution for a very common problem like this.

Thank you very much,


Hello there.

I’m getting the same problem. did you find any solution for this?

SPI0 share a line with one of the lcd enable pins, while SPI1 shares a
pin with a key button (which is safe to disable)..

I did a write up here:


Using 4.1.x + bb.org-overlays


Hi robert.
Many thanks to you. I’ll try it tomorrow.
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Hello robert.
Sorry to upset you again.
Do you rememter what to do in the file ’/src/arm/BB-BONE-LCD7-``01``-00A3.dts' to disable de button?
Its only comment the lines of that button?