Enable touchscreen for beaglebone black board in yocto project

I built a core-image-sato image for beaglebone black using yocto project for MACHINE=“beaglebone”. I am using the meta-ti layer.
Now I want to enable touchscreen for my board. What are the things that I need to add in my yocto configuration to do this?

That is pretty involved and depends on the touch screen among others.

This is not your answer however it is how I treat this issue, if you only need a touchscreen that does not render dynamic content your best solution is to use a HMI like Nextion or similar. It interfaces with the UART. If you need dynamic content it would be better to upgrade to a multi-core device like the BP, Ai64 class board.

This all depends on what your demands are for a touchscreen, if this is a one off prototype the nextion will be up and running in a fraction of the time you will spend getting a touch screen up. I wish there was an out of the box solution, maybe some others can share their thoughts on this.

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