Enabling Mono on BeagleBoardBlack - new blog post showing how

For folks who are more experienced with the BeagleBoard or related environments, this may be trivial, but I got my first BeagleBone Black just a few days ago, and since c# is my programming language of choice, one of the first things I wanted to get running on my board was mono. I started out searching for web pages and, not surprisingly, found a lot of different approaches. Many of them seemed to be from a while back when armhf was not yet officially supported in Mono, etc. So I struggled for a bit. I’m happy to say, though, that I’ve now been able to get it working, and in the end it was easier than I expected.

So I took a few minutes to write down the steps I followed in case that might be helpful to someone else: bit.ly/1ydsDY8

  • Danny