Enclosure for BeagleBone Black -- feedback requested

Couldn’t see the 3d model in the pdf file, but if the link http://www.logicsupply.com/blog/2013/05/23/beaglebone/ pointing to the LGX case is what is being depicted, then, would it help to:

  • have (close-able or not) openings to expose the gpio pins
  • have (close-able or not) openings to expose the ttl/usb debug pins

It’s going to be a pain to add capes with the top cover fully blocking these pins.


The top cover can be mounted in 3 different positions, so it will allow for capes and it will be easy to bring wires out to the sides. See below:

Of course you can always leave the top cover off :slight_smile:


What about a slit or just making the USB slot a little larger for the LEDs.

Yes, I think a slit would work. We’ll try that on the prototype when we get it in (next week). Pictures to follow.


Clever idea :slight_smile: