Equivalent processors

I’m having trouble sourcing the XAM3359AZCZ100; since the only AM3359-series processor I can find runs at only 750MHz clock, could another TI A8 processor in 324-NFBGA be substituted, such as the AM3352BZCZA100?

If not, are there any existent suppliers of the 1GHz AM3359s?

AM3352BZCZ100 is the same footprint and same package as the AM3359AZCZ100. However, you will NEVER be able to buy a AM3359AZCZ100, except on a BeagleBone Black. TI does not plan to offer this part in the 1GHz speed going forward, only 750MHZ. They will be offering the AM3358BZCZ100 and that is the one we will be going to as well as is stated at http://circuitco.com/support/index.php?title=BeagleBoneBlack

Basically the AM33352BZCZ100 is the same part, but It has no Ethercat support and no SGX. If that is fine for you application, then yes you can use it.

Or if you need SGX and not Ethercat, the AM3358BZCZ100 can be used.

TI is the only manufacturer of these parts. All the above information can be found on the datasheet for the processor.


Excellent, thanks! I think I’ll go for the AM3358BZCZ100, based on your suggestions.

That is where I am going! Just as soon as I can use up the processors I already have!!