Erle-brain, a BBB-based Linux autopilot

Hi everyone,

Following up from the work at BeaglePilot’s project I’m pleased to announce that at we at Erle Robotics just released the pre-orders for Erle-brain, a BBB Linux-based autopilot for making drones.

The autopilot includes:

  • Linux 3.8 kernel compiled with the PREEMPT option (best results we measured during Beaglepilot)
  • Debian Wheezy file system
  • ROS Hydromedusa
  • mavros ROS package
  • APM running natively in Linux (and linked with ROS through mavros)
  • preconfigured daemons for launching everything automatically, certain WiFi dongles support (modules for other could be compiled though)

There’s an active discussion about the autopilot here.