Error installing Code Sourcery


I have incurred a problem installing CodeSourcery (cross compiler tool). The download was successful from google code web page.
Everything seems to be fine till the last moment of installation when an error occurs saying “Unable to create file links…An error occurred while running internal programs”.
Kindly help me with this problem as I am new to this.

Hello just a generic guess here. It is possible to get symlink errors
if you try to create then on a fat parition. perhaps that is the problem.

A file system issue (such as using FAT, instead of EXT2/3, etc.) is
probably the issue, but, given that many new comers to Beagle might
also be new comers to Linux, be certain that you have proper
permissions to write to the installation path as well.

As a general Code Sourcery note, I believe that the best experience
has been with
Be sure to use the ARM GNU/Linux system. Building most anything
probably requires using IA32 GNU/Linux, rather than Windows, due to
file system limitations in Windows (and dependencies on the file
system in the applications). There are newer releases from Code
Sourcery, but there are a few bugs that are not fixed in the standard