Error while storing in a video file (mkv)

Hi all,

I am just starting to explore the BeagleBone AI-64. I was trying the demos on the board and I tried to store the inference video in a mkv file but I received the following error: [ERROR] no property “bitrate” in element “v4l2h264enc0”.

I am using the image of the webinar: Debian Bullseye Xfce Image 2023-01-02.
And I have made all the steps in the documentation to update the software on the board.

Does anyone have the same error or know how to fix it?

Thank you


Hi @julio

I have same issus with you,
By the way can you success use kmssink output?


@ZIFENG278 I am able to stream with the kmssink output but still get the same error as @julio when using the mkv output.

See my answer.

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hi, make sure you direct connect physical monitor by minDP, if not, this error would output