error with eclipse crosscompile

hi I’m trying to use eclipse as a cross compile in beaglebone, eclipse connects correctly to beagle but when I run it this error appears:/home/debian/prova_beagle: /lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ version `GLIBC_2.34’ not found (required by /home/debian/prova_beagle)

You will have to use a yocto image, those are on glib 2.35. I believe the factory BBB image is still on 2.32 and I had a similar problem with netbeans doing remote builds.

$ ldd --version

I have 2.35 version on ubunto and 2.28 in beagle
now I downloaded and installed 2.34 in beagle because it asks me for this version but I can’t use it

You might have to back peddle and go to ubuntu 20.04 or 18 since your target is on 2.28.

How male this?

Male,wich commandos are?



If you are using BBB w/ a particular .so, try to establish that .so in your hardware for cross-compiling.


P.S. Or…at least use the same Debian Distro. This cuts development time in half by having similar systems to work on.

I founded this 2.28-0ubuntu1 : libc6 : amd64 : Cosmic (18.10) : Ubuntu
I think that Is compatibile with beagle,Wath you Say?

Me? I say use the same .so or a newer version that has backward compatibility.


You need to download the GCC in your PC.