ESC Chicago training on the BeagleBoard-xM and over 100 new mailing list members in the last 24 hours

Thanks to all of you who attended the hands-on training for the
BeagleBoard-xM. You might not have known you were going to be one of
the first roughly 80 live beta testers, but most of you seemed to be
quite pleased with the functionality. The class image and several of
the slide sets are now uploaded to - esc, so that
you don't need to worry about corrupting the contents of your microSD
card and will have all of the URLs for reference.

This initial public exposure of the BeagleBoard-xM has resulted in a
lot of new mailing list members, just over 100 in a single day. I've
set all of the new members to have their e-mail moderated, so expect a
bit of a delay for your first post if your one of the newer members.
Please read the FAQ at - faq and pay particular
attention to the section on how to ask a question.

Nothing BeagleBoard-related, open source around TI processors, or ARM
Cortex-A8 system related questions are off-topic here, but you are
expected to use common sense regarding the interests of the other
folks on the mailing list. This is intended to be a mailing list of
technical peers and a resource for learning, but don't expect people
to do your homework or be rude to people for them not doing what you
want them to do. If ever in doubt, please visit the live chat at - chat and get feedback there before posting your
question on the mailing list.

Welcome to the community!!