espeak in beaglebone black

i want to use espeak on beaglebone black . i simply did “opkg install espeak” to install espeak . bt when i write command in command prompt to speak something it produced no sound . i used 'espeak “hello espeak” '. how can i make espeak to work on beaglebone black.plz help me. thanks in advance.

I'm using espeak on Ubuntu with a USB soundcard with no problem. Are
you sure that your sound card works? It may be related to an Angstrom

Try to test a sound card using aplay and any wav file first

Earlier when I was using Angstrom, I ended up having to download and build Espeak, but when I converted to the Debian versions, I could install it as you mentioned.

However the PCM I believe is always defaulting to output to the HDMI sound. To get it to work with a USB sound card I plugged in, I found I needed to edit a sound configuration file: Here is what I have:

kurt@BeagleBone:~$ cat /etc/asound.conf
pcm.!default sysdefault:Device

thanks all for assistance.i’ve configured the asound.conf file and got espeak in action. :slight_smile: