Estimate for the BeagleY-AI availability for EU market


I represent a research group from University of Eastern Finland. We plan to organize an Embedded AI course and need to decide which development board to base it on. The BeagleY-AI looks suitable, but it appears to be unavailable for EU market as of yet.

The question for developers / experienced users who have seen other boards releases: do you think it would it be realistic to expect to obtain ~30 BeagleY-AI boards in the mid-August?

Best regards,
Ruslan Lagashkin
Doctoral Researcher
University of Eastern Finland

I ordered at Mouser. Last time I looked, they estimated delivery in june. Now they do not indicate a delivery time any more.

Best Rergards,
Johan Henselmans

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I might be upstream has cold feet. The Ti offering and the NXP offering are game changers, both are now slow to release it.

I just received an estimated delivery from element14 of 17 July.

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I know there are things that could change, but an official “we’re aiming for” date might be nice. Farnell UK are showing 29th June for my pre-order, but I think I heard late May mentioned in a video a while ago.

Having said that, I’d rather any hardware bugs are ironed out and some documentation and examples done over a rushed release.

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