/etc/resolv.conf disappears

I am trying to undo WiFi because of so many up/down problems. I added the default gateway back
into /etc/network.interfaces and it works fine and I can ping the host.

However after a reboot the file /etc/resolv.conf is empty.

After manually adding the ‘nameserver’ it works.

Example ping.www.cnn.com. After a re-boot I get Temporary failure in name resolution"" until
I manually edit resolv.conf again.

Any advise?

you need to set it using connman

By default, connman is in control of /etc/resolv.conf

debian@bbb-pwr01-ser09:~$ ls -lha /etc/resolv.conf
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 24 Apr 6 13:34 /etc/resolv.conf ->

If you want to just use /etc/network/intefaces just remove connman:

sudo apt remove connman --purge