ethernet connection hicups


I’m using a bbb in a wired network, and sometimes connection stops for some ms, i noticed that as i’m usually connected by ssh from my main computer.

I tested to ping my bbb from my main computer and reverse:

  • from main computer to bbb i get less than 10ms response
  • from my bbb to main computer i saw spikes of up to 290ms

My kernel version is 5.10.168-ti-r62 im running on emmc, what can happen here and how to check? I looked in dmesg but notice no errors.

Im not concerned about being more or less fast ethernet connection but about those “freeze” im seeing.

Any suggestion?


Setup another local network with a router/AP/with DNS that is air gapped and test between big box and target only. Many issues can be going on if this is on a network with many appliances attached. Highly doubt its the BBB or your Host.

Yes make sense to test that, will put tomorrow a router with only those two computers tomorrow, thanks

For realistic transfers use rsync or scp some local files. Also, you can use

$sudo apt install iperf3

You will need that on client and host side.

Problem is not speed, problem is that im working on the beaglebone over bbb and sometimes freeze for some seconds, this dont happen if i work over it directly (non over ssh), so seems to me that is something related to the ethernet connection.

I will check puting host and bbb on a separate router