Ethernet for beagleboard rev C3

I must be really dense because I cannot be the first one to attempt this. I’m trying to get ethernet working with the BB using the Zonet ZUN2210. I’m running Angstrom kernel 2.6.28 on the BB (validation build). When I plug in the 2210 the device enumerates with the console message “usb 1-2.2: new high speed USB device using ehci-omap and address 5…”. Presumably there is some module driver to load (asix.ko) but I can only find the source, not the ARM binary. The source comes with a makefile but when running make on the BB I get this error: “no rule to make target ‘modules’”. I have no real desire to debug the development environment on the BB, can somebody send me an ARM version of asix.ko? I also have a couple of Linksys USB/wifi dongles (WUSB300N, WUSB600N) if that’s easier.

How is everybody connecting to the C3 version of the BB via Ethernet?

I have a usb ethernet dongle that uses dm9601 driver, works fine except that on
my satellite connection it was only getting 2K byte /sec, i've
switched since then to a
3G service and it works at normal speeds.

Angstrom has a package called "all kernel modules". I guess that installing it, you will find that "asix.ko" ready to modprobe.

Alf, thank you for that. If you have a moment could you point me to the right place? Looks like these might be .ipk files and the BB angstrom doesn't have dpkg installed.

Angstrom has okpg installed, which is actually a closer relative to
ipkg than dpkg, and is intended specifically for embedded-type
distributions. Opkg is the direct descendant of ipkg, forked for
continued development and copyright issues, and is generally
compatible with ipkg.

So you should be able to run opkg install <whatever.ipk>, although
it's probably available in the channels. opkg's search is a bit
lacking, but if you do opkg list it will list all the packages, and
you can grep that - try "opkg list | grep modules" to find the right
package name. This, of course, is all in the BeagleBoard command

But then I just realized that if you're trying to get ethernet up, you
probably don't have access to the yes, carry on with the
ipkg files, but just install them with opkg. And after that hopefully
you can access the channels, and my instructions above will be helpful

Following several leads, so far no success:

  1. can’t get g_ether.ko to load. running depmod followed by modprobe g_ether reports a “device or resource busy” even if all mmc’s are umounted as suggested elsewhere. On another more stipped down version of the kernel (BB validation 2.6.28-omap1) I get the error “cannot allocate memory”. Reading from I get the distinct impression that this driver should work for asix based usb-ethernet devices.
  2. compiling the asix driver on the host by modifying the makefile with -march armv7 doesn’t work b/c the default toolchain doesn’t support cross compilation. My application toolchain is not set up for building kernels or modules. Compiling on the target seems like a giant rathole (running make on the BB reports "no rule to make target ‘modules’).
  3. went to the angstrom package browser here and could not find a package called “all kernel modules”. None of the asix packages seem suited to the BB target (ie, transported the ipk file to the target and ran opkg install filename.ipk but always get the error “packages were found but none compatible with the architectures configures”). Because of its location in the headings I tried the rt3070 ipk files as well until I figured out these support wifi devices.
  4. seems the same situation for the dm9601 devices (davicom site only has source code and no obvious ipk match for the BB in the package browser).
  5. on the validation kernel, attempt to install the g_ether ipk file using opkg and there are a lot of dependancies that are not satisfied. Drilling down through all the package dependencies I finally arrive at libc6, and loading that fails with “error while loading shared libraries:”, “ERROR: libc6.postinst returned 127”.

I’m running out of ideas. I thought this would be easy b/c this is such basic functionality (ethernet to BB).

Made a little progress - was powering the BB using the OTG port, changed to an actual power plug. Now the error message when trying modprobe g_ether is “error inserting g_ether… No such device”. Anybody?

Finally got this working by moving to the 2.6.32 kernel using the narcissus builder. Have given up on the Zonet device, their domestic offices appear to be closed.