Ethernet interface

  • Company - Will be provided to suitable candidate - well established small business in Eastern PA
  • Hiring/For-hire - Needed as a consultant, may lead to full time.
  • Skills needed/offered - software developer to work with a team in development of Ethernet interface/software
  • Start/end date: As soon a possible. Duration to be mutually agreed.
  • Rate range - Negotiable, commensurate with experience.
  • Submit resume for consideration
  • Background experience required - 5 years Ethernet interface experience.

Detailed description
Our present product ( which is FPGA based ) needs to live on an Ethernet backbone in upcoming application.
The Ethernet interface will allow for:
1). Command and control of the product configuration. This is presently done via RS232 command strings.
2). interface must recognize which packets are intended for the product, and process the data into a serial stream to be provided to the FPGA elsewhere in the product.
All materials required for the project will be acquired and provide to the developer.
Respond via this bulletin board for consideration.