Ethernet LED constantly on and it doesn't boot


i was playing again with my BBB and after I disconnected my power supply and reconnected it, the BBB doesn’t start anymore.

The green LED of the Ethernet port is constantly on, even if no network cable is connected as soon as power is established.
The 4 user leds light up one after the other, den turn of. Followed by a quick burst of all of them, then the 3rd one is constantly on.

The BBB doesn’t show up in the hardware list (ubuntu) if I connect it through USB…

Any clue? Is my board dead?


Sounds like the eMMC may have been corrupted when you pulled the power. My suggestion it to try and reflash the eMMC with the factory image and see if that brings it back to life.


Also, according to the circuitco wiki,
"When removing power, hold the reset button DOWN. This puts everything in reset, lowers the system power, and leaves enough power in the capacitors to allow the PMIC to complete the power down cycle properly. "

Thanks for the tip Gerald. Although it doesn’t work.
I downloaded the latest flasher image (BBB-eMMC-flasher-2013.09.04.img) put it on a SD card and tried holding down the boot button. But if I hold the button down, no user LEDs turn on. Just the power led.
If I leave the SD card with the flasher image in and power the BBB up, 3 of the 4 user LEDs light up and nothing happens.

Any more ideas?
Or do I just own a fancy black paper wight?


Craig, thanks but doesn’t change anything.

After powering it back on, the green enthernet LED still lights up even without a network cable…

Well, if the MMC is corrupt, it’s corrupt. There are no buttons you can press to solve that problem: you have to reflash.

Holding down the reset button only prevents corruption in the future.

Hi Dominik,

my BBB does something similar whenever I try to boot with the SD card inserted. I have to remove the SD card and insert it later on, then it it will start.