Ethernet not working on rev A6 bone, PHY 0:00 not found


The ethernet on my beaglebone is not working, when I start the bone dmesg says PHY 0:00 not found, and the ethernet lights do not light up. This happens with the image I’ve baked myself, and with the stock image that came with the bone. I’ve tried running ‘ip link set dev eth0 up’ but that runs without failure, and does nothing.

I’ve tried applying this patch [1] to turn off automatic power down, but that also has done nothing.

This happened after I tried to get the backlight driver from the TPS65217 power chip working. I successfully implemented the driver, but the ethernet no longer worked. We have reverted uImage and we are no longer going to use the TPS65217 WLED driver.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated


[1] =