Ethernet Phy interface issue by using Beaglebone Black RevC.1 MDIO


I am using the Beaglebone black Rev C.1 (AM3358 ZCZ) board to interface DP83848I-POE-EK Texas Instruments to evaluate the ethernet PHY TI DP83848i
over MII interface.
However, as I know the BBB Debian Linux OS mdio bus device driver supports for LAN8710, DB83848c,…etc,
I had planned to use the BBB Debian Linux OS to interface DP83848I-POE-EK by setting as following

  • Set pr1_mii0_xxx pins mux options for pr1 MII0 Signals instead GMII1 interface to LAN8710. The Pr1 MII0 Signals are coming on the P8 connector.
  • decided to disable or set GPIO mode of all default GMII1 mode0 interface which are currently being used for LAN7810A.
  • mux setting pr1_mii0 to be done by using .dts config without any code changes.

So, In this above said condition the phy LAN7810A shall not be interfaced and the DP83848I PHY must be detected for mac interface.

But I am facing one problem for accessing the MDIO,MDC pins interface for DP83848I. I don’t see the pins MDC and MDIO coming to P8 or P9 connector to use different PHY options as pr1_mii0 control signals are coming on the P8 connector.

Kindly let me know if somebody had tried to use another PHY transceiver interfaces with BBB (AM3358 ZCZ) by using MII0 and MDIO,MDC pin interface.