expanding filesystem in beaglebone black with ubuntu

hello, I’ ve been working with my BBB and wanted to install a desktop in my ubuntu 14.04, my BBB has an 1.7 GB EMMC, I already flashed the ubuntu image using a 16 GB micro sd, I read about expanding the filesystem in order to install a desktop but the instructions assumed that the BBB boots the OS with the micro sd, I followed the instructions and I couldn’t do it, I was wondering if someone can help me to expand the filesysten using my flashed EMMC and my 16 GB micro sd or is neccesary to boot from the micro sd, any link or explanation will be appreciated

If you have access to a desktop or laptop Linux computer that you can mount the card on, temporarily, use “gparted” to expand the partition on the card, then put the card back in your BBB. This is the fastest way to do it.
— Graham