experiences with beaglebone ethernet


I got my beaglebone A3 a couple of weeks ago, my first development board and I am a beginner on embedded linux.

To begin with I did not have any spare micro SD to copy the ones in the box, and against my better judgement I started using them, compiled some C++ code with python bindings I had intended to test on ARM, and was successful.

The next step I took was updating and upgrading all packages using ‘opkg’.

Unfortunately that ‘broke’ the ethernet interface: I could not get any connection through the ethernet cable set up: The board does not seem to recognise there’s a cable attached, and a router does not see anything at the end of the cable either. As an effect I could not get the board to connect to the internet anymore. I could still connect through the usb (from windows using the ethernet/usb gadget interface and using putty to connect via ssh).

My conclusion is that there is something dodgy with the package upgrades: I now managed to download one pf the Angstrom demo images, copied it to a new mSD card, and with that card all is well again.

I think this should be a warning to other beginners: Make sure you clone the cards that come in the box before attempting to write anything else to their filesystems.

Obviously one of the package upgrades I undertook must have some sort of problem that causes the ethernet interface to stop working. But I am afraid I would not know how to find which package and version is responsible, and so can’t really report the bug.

Even through, it’s great fun, and I am absolutely amazed how powerful this little board is.


I believe there was a bug in one of the earlier releases. Did you try updating the image as suggested in the following web pages?



Hope this helps.


I’m using “Angstrom-Cloud9-IDE-eglibc-ipk-v2012.01-core-beaglebone-2012.01.27.img.xz” but ethernet does not work for me

2012/2/6 David Lambert <dave@lambsys.com>

What revision of the board do you have?


The revision of my beaglebone is A4

2012/2/6 Gerald Coley <gerald@beagleboard.org>

See this link.



Hi Dave

That's exactly what I did, I got an image from that link. The sd card
that was in the box has a little sticker: 11_16_11. I assume that's
the date that image was released?

As I said, should have grabbed the latest image and/or copy the card
as it was, but didn't.

I am only glad I have a A3 revision of the board, reading about the
problems people have with the A4 board?



That is the relase date. We are working on the next production release and that should be out in a week or so and will align with on eof the later releases.